Wednesday 8 February 2017

A Singing Rose.

As I am not too keen on watching wildlife in housing estates it has taken some time for me to get around to seeing the rare Rose-coloured Starling that has set up residence in the middle of a housing estate in Crawley. Whilst photographing the Fulmar on Tuesday, Paul mentioned that he would like to go there, and as I had been thinking that I ought to see it before it vanished I offered to take him there. The bird has been happy feeding in the same garden since November, and it that time the juvenile bird has started to get its adult plumage. It is not expected to get really pink until its 2nd year so it will have to hang on for another year for us to see that!! Having said that it is now looking really smart and it has in recent days also started to sing. The bird nearly always sits in the middle of its chosen tree so it is near on impossible to get any really clear shots of it. 
The Rose-coloured Starling breeds in 12 countries from Russia southwards and winters in and around India apparently, so the bird is a bit off course. At the moment there are 2 of these birds in the UK with the other one being in Dorchester.
Fortunately the road the bird is in is pretty quiet so only a few people were seen as well as a small number of bird watchers and photographers.

Suddenly at just after 3.30pm it took off with a few of the local Starling to presumably go to roost.

The Rose-coloured Starling singing.

It often stood on its right leg so we think its left leg could be damaged.

Having a bit of a stretch.

A local Starling joining in the chorus.

The Rose-coloured Starling showing a blue/green sheen on the wing.


  1. Hi. I have not seen this bird before. Beautiful bird. Greetings.

  2. Beautiful images of the Rose-coloured Starling, I love them all.

  3. Nice to meet you yesterday, lovely shots. The Starling likes to stand on his right leg when he's relaxed (or singing), his left leg is perfectly fine. :)

  4. Stunning shots Bob,love the first image.

  5. Great birds! That starling is very glosy and handsome though