Thursday 22 September 2016

Juvenile Red-backed Shrike.

A short search for Long-tailed Blues soon came to an abrupt halt yesterday when Paul, a butterfly enthusiast from London informed me he had seen a juvenile Red-backed Shrike during the morning. He also mentioned it was approachable as well as happy to approach him!! He showed me a couple of pictures he had taken on his macro lens which was enough for me to forget the butterflies!! Following this I spent many hours enjoying this fabulous bird with other birders joining in the spectacle during the afternoon. The bird was totally oblivious of anyone nearby, even flying to within a couple of feet to catch a Bee. It was also seen to catch Grasshoppers and Beetles.

Showing well!!

Red-backed Shrike with Devil's Coach Horse Beetle.

With a Bee.

A Fantastic bird!!


  1. Amazing images Bob,love the Bee eating capture.
    Superb Post all round.

  2. The zig zag marks on the breast and flanks are great!

  3. Wow, superb stuff Bob! I'll have to try to get down there tomorrow if it's still around, I've been too busy with work and college the last couple of days. Were these all taken on your macro lens?
    All the best


  4. Truly adorable photos of this beautiful bird. They almost look like paintings! He certainly looks happy with all the attention. Thank you for sharing.