Tuesday 20 September 2016

Another Brick In The Wall!!

With such a strong 3rd brood of Wall Brown showing at the moment I was tempted out again yesterday. Already, with so many battling males, the butterflies are showing some wear and tear but there are still a few decent ones about. The best 2 I saw were at the beginning and the end of the session. All those seen today were males, although that was not unexpected as the area I was concentrating on is well known for territorial battles, whereas most of the females are seen in the egg laying areas. It was good to get a decent shot of one off the ground, where they normally sit and soak up the heat.

Male Wall Brown.

With times when there were 5 in the air at the same time battling away. I then had a brief look at a different area. This was not on a South facing area so I wasn't expecting to see many, but the 2 that were seen were a little fresher than the majority at the other site. Once again there were several other species seen as well as a nice male Migrant Hawker.

Male Migrant Hawker.