Tuesday 16 August 2016

An Alternative Brown.

Yet another trip out yesterday hunting Brown Hairstreak. This time it was a site new to me with Paul who has seen several of these elusive butterflies at this site. Unfortunately the butterflies lived up to their elusive reputation by not appearing at all possibly due to the lack of nectaring plants. There were however many Brown Hawkers that kept us busy as we had one that was flying near for some time, even settling briefly.

Brown Hawker in flight.

Male Brown Hawker.

Following this we headed to a reserve where some Kingfishers have been performing well recently. Unfortunately these too were elusive with none seen. Despite sitting in the hide for a couple of hours and having a few noisy kids disturbing everything all we had was a juvenile Heron and a couple of Common Tern.

Juvenile Heron.

Common Tern.


  1. You need really good sun to get the golden appearance of the wings

  2. Hi. What a beauties. Greetings.

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