Thursday 18 February 2016

Male Windhover.

With a future trip getting near I decided I really needed a new zoom lens for the wildlife I am hoping to encounter. With Pen having a cataract operation today, after dropping her off and making sure she was comfortable I shot up to Park Cameras to make the purchase. With good weather I then headed quickly down to Widewater hoping to get the friendly Kestrel to test the lens out on. With only a short time before I had to get back for Pen the Kestrel was seen a few times at the wrong end. However, just before I gave up I managed to get to the other end and get a few images to work with.

Male Kestrel.

With its eyes on me!!

2 views from behind. Just after this shot the bird dropped down and caught a rodent.


  1. Four very smart shots Bob,love the first image,stunner.

  2. Vau. Amazing bird. Great pictures.

  3. Nice shots. I bet you are pleased with your new lens.

  4. Beautiful raptor shots I can't really hope to emulate!