Wednesday 24 February 2016

Magical Kingfisher.

I was very lucky yesterday to be invited by my good friend Phil Winter to attempt to photograph a Kingfisher. Some weeks ago Phil found out a Kingfisher was visiting a lake on private land that he had access to. He then built a hide in the area the bird was visiting without disturbing the bird. Lots of patience and skill was involved in doing this and since completing the task Phil has managed many amazing shots of this fabulous bird. As I've never managed a decent shot of a Kingfisher I couldn't believe my luck when Phil asked me along.
As soon as we had arrived we were surrounded by birds taking advantage of the feeders that Phil had put up. We were also graced by a beautiful Grey Wagtail that was present most of the time we were there.

Male Grey Wagtail.

Grey Wagtail a bit puffed up and calling.

I had the feeling that Phil was starting to get a little worried as the Kingfisher had not been seen for about 90 minutes and we thought that maybe it had moved on looking for a mate. However, suddenly over the other side of the lake the bird appeared, settling high in a tree overlooking the lake. It then flew straight to where we were allowing a few shots.

After catching a fish the bird flew away and all was quiet for a while. After about an hour the bird returned and performed even better. By now the sun had gone in but perhaps the subdued lighting helped create a better picture.

Looking hard for dinner.

Male Kingfisher.

 With plenty of Kingfisher shots it was difficult to decide which ones to post. The bird appeared twice in front of us catching 4 fish. 

The Grey Wagtail then posed nicely in front of us as well as a confiding Wren.

Grey Wagtail.


My thanks go out to Phil for inviting me along for a photographic session I will never forget. An amazing, unbelievable experience!!


  1. Bob, these are pure magic,terrific images.

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks both. It really shows the difference a hide makes!! I just wish I had a place near me that I could set one of these up!!

  3. Wow, fantastic scenes! Just lovely pictures!