Wednesday 5 August 2015

Dragons Fen.

It was a few hours today searching for some the larger dragonflies. With sunny intervals and a lighter wind there was always a good chance of Brown Hawkers stealing the show. Walking along the ditches, whenever the sun came out the Brown Hawkers flew, however, despite lots of searching we couldn't find any settled specimens. At one point though a female Southern Hawker flew across the path and settled on a bush where it stayed long enough for several shots.

Female Southern Hawker.

Following on from this I spotted a Brown Hawker flying along one ditch and it seemed to settle by an old tree stump. Taking a closer look a female Brown Hawker was found egg laying in the edge of the ditch. A 2nd female was then spotted nearby sitting on a small stick in the middle of the ditch also egg laying. Although further away this one was easier to photograph as it wasn't in foliage like the other one.

Female Brown Hawker egg laying.

1 comment:

  1. Superb set Bob. Particularly like the low angle on the Brown Hawker photo.