Friday 26 June 2015

Marvellous Marbled of Seaford.

It was an early start with the promise for once of light winds and early sunshine as well as plenty of  Marbled Whites on the wing. Very soon I found a fresh Marbled White and I got some pleasing shots of it as the sun came up. 

Marbled White at Sunrise.

It wasn't long before the butterflies started to get a bit more active as the day quickly warmed up and many were seen on the local Downland with wings wide apart as the butterflies absorbed the heat. A fabulous session with the butterfly that just means 'Summer'.

Marbled White Warming up.

Male Marbled White underside.

Male Marbled White.

Mating Pair of Marbled White.

All this and I was home in plenty of time for breakfast!!


  1. Great set Bob, particularly the third shot, brilliant.

    1. Thanks Marc. Let's hope for a great weekend!!