Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Beautiful Beautiful Demoiselle.

With a sea mist forming yesterday the temperature was not as good as inland. I wasn't quite sure where to go so I decided to stay local and pay a visit to the River Cuckmere to see if the Beautiful Demoiselles had started to appear yet. Things are a little later this year so I wasn't expecting too much and it was several minutes before I spotted the first Demoiselle. Following this things improved enormously and I ended up having one of my best ever photo sessions. So much so that some of the session is going to be on my next post. It wasn't just the Demoiselles either as there were several other really interesting things to see. It will not be long before the other great Demoiselle appears, the Banded Demoiselle. I hope to have as much enjoyment when these are on the wing.

Male Beautiful Demoiselle.

Female Beautiful Demoiselle.


  1. Beautiful shots Bob. The clean backgrounds really work well here.

  2. Thanks Marc. It was a great day!!