Thursday 28 May 2015

Grizzled Skipper ab. intermedia

Whilst doing my butterfly survey on private land this week I was lucky to come across a smart Grizzled Skipper ab.intermedia. I've found ab.taras several times but I can't remember coming across this before. These are not as striking as the taras but are still nice to see.

Grizzled Skipper ab. intermedia.

Also seen during the survey was a teneral Emperor Dragonfly that actually settled and allowed a picture to be taken. A mating pair of Speckled Yellow moths were also nice to see.

Teneral Emperor Dragonfly.

Mating Speckled Yellow.

On Sunday in pretty poor conditions I saw my first Small Blue of the year at a small site in Newhaven. Just as a sea mist was rolling in Pete spotted a nice Green Hairstreak fly past that was looking for a roosting place.

Small Blue.

Green Hairstreak.

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  1. Nice set of images Bob, especially the Emperor of course!