Thursday 21 May 2015

Adonis Blue.

So far this year there has been a shortage of Common Blue, however, on a couple of ridges the Adonis Blue population seems to be slightly better than in recent years. Brown Argus also seem to be doing quite well. Today I did my regular Wall Brown count on a circuit at the back of Seaford. Numbers were quite disappointing with only 18 seen. This may partly be due to a bit of cloud cover coming over and the wind picking up a bit halfway through the walk. It was good to see 2 female Orange-tips as well as a male. I also had my first Hummingbird Hawk Moth for the year and my first ever Small Yellow Underwing in the Seaford area. 

Male Adonis Blue.

Germander Speedwell. 

On a sad note I was walking along The Comp a couple of days ago when I came across a pair of Wall Brown that had presumably been hit by a cyclist while they were mating in the middle of the path. Of course it could possibly have been a runner that literally hit 'the wall'!!!!

PTA (Path Traffic Accident) 

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