Thursday 14 August 2014

A Day at Rye Harbour.

Yesterday I met Nigel at Rye Harbour to look for dragonflies. Unfortunately I was very late as after dropping Pen off at the hospice I had to fight my way through Bexhill and Hastings. Eventually I made it 45 minutes late to find Nigel having a cuppa and wondering where I was.
We soon headed out though and found many Migrant Hawkers flying and I was lucky to have one land in front of me. 

Male Migrant Hawker.

Along a ditch I managed a very poor in flight shot. This might have been better if the weather had held on, but it was not long before the cloud built up and conditions deteriorated with the wind blowing as well. 

Male Migrant Hawker.

I saw an Emperor Dragonfly come down egg-laying and as soon as it had come down a large Frog launched itself at it. The dragonfly managed to fly off just in the nick of time. We also saw a large Grass Snake crossing the path and my first female Wasp Spider of the year. Unfortunately the spider sitting on its web was blowing around and was very difficult to focus on. In its web it had caught a Common Blue Damselfly.

One of the many 'foreign' Frogs.

Underside of Female Wasp Spider with Common Blue Damselfly.

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