Wednesday 14 May 2014

Beautiful Demoiselle and Mayflies.

Yesterday I had a fabulous session on the River Cuckmere, I was hoping to see some Scarce Chasers but that was not to be. However, there was a massive hatch of Mayflies, a superb looking insect and fascinating to watch, and also both of the Demoiselles, particularly the Beautiful Demoiselle. Both male and female of this species was showing well and they also posed better than usual in the cool, and sometimes damp weather. There was a couple of male Banded Demoiselle that had also very recently hatched.


Beautiful Demoiselles.

An unexpected bonus was from a very fresh Brown Argus.

Male Brown Argus.


  1. Lovely work Bob, love those Demoiselles.

  2. Thanks Marc. One of those rare times when things go right!!