Saturday 29 March 2014

Small Tortoiseshell.

After finishing my duties at home I managed my first longish walk for some time today with a stroll to Greenway Bank and back. Quite a strong breeze was blowing but at least it was quite a warm breeze which meant there were plenty of butterflies active. 5 species in total were seen with the Peacock being the most numerous with Small Tortoiseshell just behind. Brimstone, Comma and Small White being the other species seen. I came across some stinging nettles where a Small Tortoiseshell was egg laying, after she left there were 2 batches of eggs on the leaf with the freshest batch being greener than the older batch. A picture here that I took last July of an egg laying Small Tortoiseshell as well as eggs from today.
On the way out I also saw my first Wheatear of the year as well as good views of Peregrine and Buzzard.

Small Tortoiseshell egg laying (July 2013)

Small Tortoiseshell eggs.

Female Small Tortoiseshell.

Male Comma.

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