Monday 13 January 2014

Parrot Crossbill

It was a bit of a cool breeze as well as being pretty wet as we arrived at Old Lodge in the hope of seeing the flock of Parrot Crossbills. After a couple of hours of wandering about we were beginning to think we were going to be out of luck. We had just started to chat with Alan Kitson and Tim Parmenter when I spotted a flock of small birds some distance away. We headed towards them and as they took off again it was clear that they were Crossbills with 11 birds seen and heard. The light was not particularly good but we did manage to creep up quite close, although it was amazing how they kept hidden in the trees. At least one bird was a Common Crossbill but all the other birds seen clearly were almost certainly Parrot Crossbill showing large bills and chunky necks!!

Male Parrot Crossbill

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