Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hare Today

With the sun shining brightly I decided to see if I could get some shots of the Brown Hares in the arable field. On arrival I was disappointed not to be able to see any Hares, remembering however from last year how well hidden they can be, I walked closer to the field and eventually I spotted one that was actually quite close. Once again it was laying very low in its form and I walked towards it at a slow pace managing to get within 15 feet of it. After getting several pictures, including head and shoulder shots which really show the fabulous large brown eye, it remained there so I reversed back leaving it in peace. Some 2 hours later on my return it was still in the same position.
I was also pleased to see a weasel running across the path in front of me, I was hoping that it would come out of the undergrowth to have a look at me but unfortunately it remained hidden. I can't remember seeing a weasel all of last year so it was really good to see this one.
I got back to the car just as the torrential rain started, well happy with the day.

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