Sunday 6 October 2013

Male Long-tailed Blue and more Moths.

With the weather cooling down later in the week the incredible Long-tailed Blue bonanza could soon be over. Thanks to Nigel for finding a superb male near Eastbourne yesterday. When I arrived it had unfortunately vanished amongst the vegetation but with a long search I relocated it as it flew from under my feet and perched in a bush. This may be my last sighting this year of this fabulous little butterfly, although I may be tempted to have one more look in the next couple of days!! After all it could be many years before any more fly over.

With a really still night last night I put out the moth trap hoping for some rare migrant moths. This unfortunately didn't materialise but I did get some more common moths that were new to my trap.
Green-brindled Crescent.
This was a real beauty but not easy to capture the subtle colours on camera.

Figure of Eight

Blair's Shoulder-knot.

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