Sunday 13 October 2013

Drifting Back to Brown Argus.

Looking out at the weather today I decided to look back again. This time to the 29th May, a day when I visited my regular patch. The weather that day was quite warm but overcast, fortunately not heavy cloud though, pretty ideal conditions in fact. I am lucky to have a very good area for the Brown Argus, a very small member of the blue butterfly family, and I was hoping to find some freshly emerged specimens. On the way to the area I found a very nice Drinker Moth larva. This is a large larva which can be seen in long grass quite commonly.
Once I had arrived at the Brown Argus site I was pleased to find a fresh male quite quickly sitting off the ground on a bush.

With the sun starting to appear through the thinning clouds he soon opened his wings and allowed several photographs before he moved on.

In the same area there was a few newly emerged Dingy Skipper including this smart female.

She sat there long enough to get a photo from a more unusual angle!!

A great couple of hours spent in the middle of the Sussex Downs.

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