Monday, 29 July 2013

Drifting Back (1)

As I've started this blog towards the end of the butterfly season I thought I would go back to some of my favourite days and images from earlier in the year.
Back in May, the 17th a visit to Abbotts Wood gave me the chance to photograph the beautiful Pearl Bordered Fritillary. As it was a cool day it was much more approachable than normal for this species.
Showing off the string of 'pearls' along the edge of the underwing.
The butterfly then flew a short distance and allowed a top view.
2 days previous to this I had a great session on the local downland with a pair of Grizzled Skippers. I watched a female fly into a small enclosed area where it was immediately joined by a male. Within seconds they had paired up where they remained for 27 minutes, at this point the female used her back legs to push the male away. After he had got the message she sat still with her wings wide open for a few seconds before she also flew off.

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  1. Butterflies are the most attractive and yet most appealing insects on the earth. Great information and pictures you have shared. I really liked it. Good work