Tuesday 30 July 2013

Ashdown Forest

A visit to Ashdown Forest last week hunting dragonflies proved to be successful. It was good to catch up with the Silver Studded Blue butterfly first though. Although most were past their best it was the only chance I had this year to see this species of butterfly.
It was then onto the dragonflies though and there were good numbers of Keeled Skimmers about along with several Golden-ringed Dragonflies, however it was the tiny Black Darter that was the star of the day. It was a newly emerged teneral male and it was not able to fly any great distance on its new wings.
Also around the small pool were several Small Red Damselflies including a few mating pairs.
On the way back to the car there were several Oak Eggar Moths seen flying around.

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  1. I have always found the name dragonfly incredible. A dragon and a fly, wow, haha. Powerful name and just like the name this is a marvelous creature. Nice post.