Thursday 4 May 2023

The Green Greenie.

 With the easterly wind continuing to blow, but at least the temperature has risen a little bit, the species of local butterflies has grown, albeit by not as much as it should. It's still far behind where it should be by now, but at least a Small Copper has now been added to the year list!!

Small Copper.

Wall Brown numbers have also increased, but not by a huge amount. However, the male Wall Brown are now defending the tops of the hill in their usual way. 

Male Wall Brown.

With Grizzled Skipper still missing from the usual suspects the Green Hairstreaks are back to fighting hammer and tong with each other. The two pictured below were battling for several minutes before they eventually called a small truce so they could rest up. Although they have both only recently emerged they are already looking a little battle worn!!

Two different male Green Hairstreaks.


  1. Pleased to see my first GHs of the year yesterday and like yours already battle scarred! Also the first Wall Brown (thin on the ground up here) and Large White but numbers are way, way down.

    1. Hi Brian. Yes, it's hard graft this year so far. Hoping for improvements soon!!