Tuesday 12 April 2022

Common Whitethroat.

 On the way to Lewes today to see my Mum I stopped briefly on the local Downland hoping for a possible early Skipper or Wall Brown. Unfortunately, these did not materialise, although it must be very soon now for all of them, but I suddenly had a Warbler calling nearby and as I lifted the binoculars I realised it was a Common Whitethroat. Shortly after I saw and heard a few more, so as Matt was at home I got a message to him and he managed to get up there to see his first of these of the year. 

If nothing else it gives me the excuse to post one of my favourite bird photos of one I photographed in 2020 in the same area!!

Common Whitethroat from 2020.

Nearby several Speckled Wood were showing well. I generally only try photographing this species at the start of their season as they mark up very quickly, and once the season really gets going too many other things are the focus!!

Speckled Wood.

I also saw a Pyrausta ostrinalis nectaring.

All in all quite an interesting little day.

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