Wednesday 9 March 2022

Black Adder.

 At the very end of February Clare and I went for a stroll around one of our local woodlands where we found a couple of black (melanistic) Adders. These are always good to see, and as well as it being a great sighting it was also one my earliest ever Adder sightings.

Yesterday, I returned on my own hoping to spend some time with them to hopefully get some photos without disturbing them. Taking my telephoto lens I was hoping that one would be out in the open, and that is exactly what happened. Being able to watch the snake from a distance as it moved from one sunny spot to another and avoiding the cool breeze in its sheltered spot it performed admirably for me giving me several different shots. It was also wonderful being able to walk away from it after around 30 minutes with it still laying in one of its sunny spots.

Melanistic Adder.

Nearby in a lake there were a countless number of Toads getting amorous, although I think most were males waiting for the arrival of the females. The light was in an awful position so I failed to get any decent photos, but it was quite amusing seeing the reflection of their eyes in the water.

Common Toad.

I was hoping also to see a few butterflies but the breeze was probably just a little too chilly, although I did see a lovely Orange Underwing moth in flight whilst I was watching the Adder.