Sunday 29 November 2020

A Rare Migrant

 With a few more attempts at moth trapping in recent days a few interesting moths have come along, this included a Red-headed Chestnut that is classed as a rare migrant moth with only a handful of this moth appearing in Sussex in recent years.

On the night of the 27th November it was one of only 3 moths actually in the trap and it was under one of the last egg boxes that had to be checked.

Red-headed Chestnut.

A few other recent moths have included a Blair's Shoulder-knot, a Mottled Umber and a few more December Moths.
With little else to see in recent days apart from a couple of butterflies at High and Over yesterday, of  which one was a Peacock and the other was probably a Red Admiral, and several Firecrest also seen during the past week, the moths have helped to keep the camera working.

Mottled Umber.

December Moth.

Blair's Shoulder-knot.

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  1. We love this beautiful pictures of butterflies. We are protecting them as you do trying to make their colours and shapes speak with the beauty.
    Thanks for your post, and pictures.

    If you like to visit our page on save the butterflies we are Friend of the Earth in Italy.