Wednesday 10 June 2020

Moth Highlights Pt 2

Some more of my catches in the moth trap, but first is one of my favourite micro moths that is quite scarce. The Olethreutes arcuella is found in a few ancient woodlands where the larvae feed on decaying leaf litter. The private wood where I survey is a very good site for this really tiny moth. It is easily over-looked as it is so small and it is only when examined closely that the true beauty of the moth is revealed.

Olethreutes arcuella.

Back to the garden moth trap and the following have appeared over the past few weeks on the odd occasions that I have put the trap out.

Treble Brown Spot.

Poplar Kitten. (my first Kitten of any kind).

Eyed Hawk-moth.

Elephant Hawk-moth.

Clouded Silver.

Brussel's Lace.

Privet Hawk-moth.