Tuesday 21 April 2020

Nightingale in Grizzly Country.

Despite the continuing windy conditions yesterday I decided to attempt another early morning stroll up onto the patch hoping to see my first Grizzled Skippers of the year.

Not long after starting my hunt for roosting Skippers I heard the unmistakable sound of a Nightingale in the scrub nearby, a beautiful sound and one I wasn't expecting to hear this year as it seems unlikely I will be able to visit the woodlands where I normally hear them.

I then spotted 2 Grizzled Skipper asleep just before the sun reached them, very soon the female started to open her wings to warm up for the day.

Female Grizzled Skipper.

She then started to nectar on the Ground Ivy before flying off.

Grizzled Skipper on Ground Ivy.

Meanwhile the Nightingale was still calling in the scrub and with it being so close I tried to record it on my phone.  At present I don't seem to be able to make the download work so bear with me as I put my technical team onto it (Matt)!!
Now working thanks to Matt.

Nightingale singing. Turn the sound up!!

With it remaining breezy I wasn't expecting to see much more, but a stunning view of a hunting Stoat and finding a web of Lackey Moth larvae was rewarding.

Lackey Larvae in larval web.

A very fresh female Wall Brown  also showed briefly.

Female Wall Brown.

In one sheltered spot my first Green Hairstreak of the year also showed briefly and on the return walk home a very nice female Speckled Wood showed well.

Female Speckled Wood.

These early morning sessions have been quite rewarding and I have attached a couple of other shots from the past few days including a landscape taken last week with the sun starting to rise. An unusual shot for me to take.

Green-veined Whites on Cowslip.

A Misty View.


  1. A very worthwhile walk Bob. Lucky you are still able to access this area. Keeping you sane.

    1. Thanks Marc.
      Yes, it is lucky I am in walking distance of all this. It is just a case of avoiding all the others walking dogs etc. I am still waiting for my first odonata sighting though!!