Friday, 12 April 2019

Assorted Delights.

With the season continuing apace despite the very cold wind there have been a few highlights this week.

On Wednesday a walk with Nigel produced our first Swallows and House Martins with a pair of each flying together. A great view too of a stunning Stoat that unfortunately saw us before it was in camera range. Several Orange-tips seen along the way as well as Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma, Brimstone and Speckled Wood. A Chiffchaff also allowed a close approach.


Wood Anemone.

It was back on local turf the following day when I was lucky to find a single Grizzled Skipper and Green Hairstreak. Good to get these favourites ticked off for the year, but hopefully some much better photos of each to come. A stunning male Common Redstart was also seen along the valley.

Grizzled Skipper.

Green Hairstreak on Gorse.

Another stroll today to see how the local Early Spider Orchids were coming along was a little disappointing with only 4 spikes found in a short hunt. 2 of them had a single flower on them. 4 more Swallows seen and a pair of Yellowhammer.

Early Spider Orchid.

Female Yellowhammer.

Herb Robert.


  1. A few good early season butterflies noted Bob. Think the male Redstart has to be one of the best birds to see. Hopefully a few more migrants will appear for us soon.

  2. beautiful flowers and butterflies...
    have a great weekend