Saturday 30 March 2019

Butterflies Spring out.

With the fabulous warm weather over the past few days the species of butterflies flying has literally taken off.

With my first Orange-tip yesterday and lots of Small White too it was not a surprise to find 2 Speckled Wood along a local woodland path. One of them even had the decency to pose in a pretty good position for me. They were around 50 metres apart along the path, but on the return one had moved along the path into the other ones territory and a long battle commenced.

On another stroll today another 4 Speckled Wood were seen, including one that had a good part of a wing missing. Not good for the butterfly so early in its adult life.

Male Speckled Wood.

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  1. We have had an amazing start to the year up here in East Lothian, too. We had seven species recorded in February, which has never happened before. Most surprising for us were some Speckled Woods seen on the coast during the last week in February. I hope we are going to have a great year.