Saturday 23 February 2019

The Brimstone Ride.

Since Christmas I have started a bit of a keep fit campaign getting back out on the bike. My marathon running days are unfortunately over, thanks to a bit of a problem with the old ticker 6 years ago, but riding at least keeps a bit of weight off and will hopefully get me fit enough to do some good long walks in the Summer.

Anyway, today I was out in the glorious sunshine on a ride in ideal weather for butterflies to be on the wing. To date this year I have just seen 3 Peacock, and despite a short search for Brimstone the other day the cool breeze kept the butterflies at bay.
It was on the steep climb today between Lullington and Wilmington when I spotted my first Brimstone of the year, this was joined in flight by a 2nd. Always a great sight of that gorgeous yellow, and it was not the end of it either, as just the other side of Chiddingly another 2 were seen that also included a female.

Obviously, as I was on the bike I was not in a position for photography so I have dug up a few older shots of the Brimstone from a few years ago.

Male Brimstone shortly after coming out of hibernation.

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  1. Nice captures Bob. I can imagine the feeling must have been brilliant. Not too long now and you won't know where to look for butterflies.