Friday 14 September 2018

Small Pearls.

It has been very difficult over the past few weeks to get out much, so I have been looking over photos from the past few months, and I noticed that I had somehow not posted any photos of the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries that have in 2017 been re-introduced back into East Sussex.

2 local woodlands were used for this with one being the main woodland that only lost the butterfly a few years ago. This has been the more successful of the 2 woods. I only managed to visit the wood twice in the early summer brood but a few of these delightful butterflies did show quite well.

There was even a 2nd brood hat did very well, but once again, I failed to get there during the flight period. 

A small selection of the images I managed on those 2 short visits.

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

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