Wednesday 13 June 2018

Local Delights.

For the past couple of weeks I have made several trips to the local area but haven't managed to catch up with the blog, so here is a bit of a snapshot of what I have seen.

One of 2 Lackey Moth larva found recently.

Male Emperor Dragonfly in Phil's garden.

A Skylark from Phil's Land Rover.

Speckled Wood.

The rare Small Eggar larva.

Male Beautiful Demoiselle.

Fragrant Orchid.

Burnt-tip Orchid. (late form).

Bee Orchid.

From a recent Moth trapping evening.

Buff Tip.

Privet Hawk Moths.

Privet Hawk Moth.

Buff Ermine.

Elephant Hawk Moth.


  1. Amazing pictures, although that Emperor "Moth" looks a bit un-moth like

    1. Yes, thanks Simon. It has now been corrected. A bit of a senior moment there!!

  2. Lovely post Bob backed up as ever by some beautiful photography.