Thursday, 8 March 2018

Butterflies Are Go!!

With another surprisingly sunny day I headed off to local woodland to see if I could find any signs of butterflies or early stages. With a pretty strong breeze though it seemed that the chances of an adult butterfly was remote. However, towards the end of the walk a Red Admiral was suddenly flying around me, eventually landing on the ground nearby. It is quite unusual for my first butterfly to be as late as the 8th March. Most years I would have seen one in January, or at worse February. 

Red Admiral.

I also had a good search on the Oaks hoping to find Purple Hairstreak eggs. I was really pleased to find one on one of the Oak buds.

Purple Hairstreak egg.

I also saw a couple of Woodcock and a Buzzard carrying nesting material. On a later walk on the patch 3 Brown Hares were a good sight as these animals have not been seen as frequently in the past 2 years as the Vineyard has become busier. A large flock also of Fieldfare over the vineyard and Mediterranean Gulls also seen.


  1. They come bake yes !!!!
    Great pictures.

  2. During the snow I had a pair of Woodcock and a Snipe feeding on the lawns, good photo opportunities! No butterflies yet though.

  3. I am pleased you have butterflies at last. I haven't seen any yet, but two have been seen in East Lothian. I have also started checking Elms for White Letter Hairstreak eggs. They have been found in the Scottish Borders. No luck with Purple Hairstreak eggs either!