Saturday, 14 October 2017

A Little Delicate.

No, not me!!

With the butterfly season coming to a grinding halt over the past few days with only a few Red Admirals, Wall Brown, Clouded Yellow and Speckled Wood of note, and the birds also being a little slow I thought I would dust off the moth trap and see if I could catch any of the migrants which could be coming in with the warm winds from Spain.

Although it was quite breezy last night I did actually get a reasonable haul which included my first ever Delicate. This moth actually is a migrant, so bearing in mind that this moth has just flown across the English Channel it can't be that 'delicate'!!


Also in the trap was a Bright-line Brown-eye, who thinks up these names??

Bright-line Brown-eye.

A bit of a surprise was finding a Swallow-tailed Moth on the outside of the trap. This species I get in the Summer in good numbers. I wasn't aware that this species occasionally has a 2nd brood. Although it wasn't in tip top condition it was still good to see.

Swallow-tailed Moth.

3 Feathered Ranunculus were also good to get as well as my first Red-green Carpet.

Male Feathered Ranunculus (Note the feathered antennae).

Red-green Carpet.

Several Black Rustic were both in the trap and the fence nearby. These are a very smart Autumnal moth. Two L-album Wainscot and a few other common species made up the numbers. All in all not bad for a night in October.

A trio of Black Rustic.

L-album Wainscot.


  1. A lovely selection Bob. Each one in it's own right a little beauty with some lovely markings.

  2. Beautiful moths - a white swallowtail as well, fresh out of the packet when they are white aren't they?