Saturday 16 September 2017

Cricket. Warts and all.

What would Geoffrey Boycott say about this??

For a few years I have been hoping to find an adult Wart-biter Cricket, a very rare insect which is found in only a handful of sites in the UK, fortunately 3 of these sites are in my local area. Last year I found my first Wart-biter which was not fully grown and was also hiding deep in the grass!! This species being so rare is now of so much concern that re-introductions are being attempted. I have been talking to a friend that is part of these attempts and following a few tips he's given me I have at last found an adult male of this special species. It also became clear why it has been so difficult finding them as their colour gives a fabulously effective camouflage. 

Male Wart-biter.

Although I have seen so many Wasp Spiders this year I was amazed how many of these spiders were in the area. As this spider predates Grasshoppers I just hope that they don't take out young Wart-biters next year. 

Wasp Spider with snack.


  1. Good little critter that, although I don't have any warts for it to bite.

  2. Super images Bob. Brian blhphotoblog