Saturday, 5 August 2017

Wasp Spiders.

Late Summer each year I search for the fabulous Wasp Spider. Last year I found them on my patch in an area I hadn't seen them in before. Last week I started my search for the year but failed to find any. I was back in the area today and this time I was successful with 3 in the area and then another 3 in another new area. The female Wasp Spider is the one that is often seen as they sit in their web waiting for Grasshoppers to jump into their web. At the 2nd site I was looking through the binoculars at a female when I spotted a male in the corner of the web. The male is much smaller than the female and is not so brightly coloured. This was I'm sure the first male that I've seen. With this spider becoming more numerous it will be interesting to see how many are seen this year.

Female Wasp Spider.

Female Wasp Spider underside.

Male Wasp Spider.

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