Thursday, 24 August 2017

My Dream Lifer!!

 Just as I was about to prepare dinner this evening the phone started to ring. Answering the phone, Matt was on the line telling me to get down the Cuckmere quickly as he had just found a Hoopoe. This is a bird I have always wanted to see in the UK and he had just found it a matter of 4 miles from home. Dinner was put on hold as I raced down to where he was. After a very brisk walk, well we were told on the news today that us old gits need to do a brisk walk, I arrived where Matt was still looking at the bird. With the light fading we crept a little closer, although with a couple of Matt's birding friends still on the way we had to hold back in case of flushing it, although it certainly seemed relaxed feeding on the bank. I wonder if it will stick around for a day or two.
My thanks to Matt for contacting me straight away. It makes up for the few occasions where we have gone for these and failed before. Matt of course has managed a few of these spectacular birds when I haven't been with him.

Hoopoe in the Cuckmere valley.