Tuesday 15 August 2017

In Search Of Adonis.

The Greek God of beauty!! When looking at the open wings of a fresh Adonis Blue it is clear where the name of this butterfly comes from. There are small numbers of Adonis Blue on my patch and the 2nd brood is now underway and looking really good. Despite the area being at the furthest point away from home and it always means a long walk to get there and back, I have spent several hours over the past 3 days watching, enjoying and photographing them. At the moment there are very few females, although those that are flying are in tip top conditions. During these visits I have also seen at least 23 different Wasp Spiders. These are having an amazing year at the back of Seaford.

The Amazing Adonis Blue.

Male Adonis preparing to roost.

This male was very near the Wasp Spiders.

Another Adonis Blue preparing to roost.

Male Adonis Blue catching the final rays of sunshine of the day.

A Wasp Spider female with a pack lunch.


  1. Stunning set Bob. The contrast with the clear background makes for some fantastic photos.

    1. Cheers Marc. That blue certainly makes for a subject worth spending time and effort over. As you have found with the Willow Emerald its time in the field that eventually pays off.

  2. Beautiful shots of a little stunner, well caught. Brian (

    1. Many thanks Brian. Hope things are good with you.