Tuesday 11 July 2017

Bedtime Blues.

The weather today has not been at all good for butterflies with a strong wind blowing and cloudy conditions all day before the rain arrived late afternoon. I had decided it would be a total waste of time going out so a few jobs around the home was done instead. However, with Pen meeting a friend for lunch I thought I might as well go for a stroll in the vague hope of finding a roosting Silver-spotted Skipper. I found a small area which was sheltered from the wind and immediately saw that several Blue butterflies were preparing to roost including Common Blue, Chalkhill Blue and Brown Argus. I managed to find really fresh examples of all of them in good photographing positions. Whilst photographing the Brown Argus a hint of brightness encouraged him to open his wings wide open.

Female Common Blue.

Male Common Blue.

Male Brown Argus.

Male Brown Argus.

Male Chalkhill Blue.

I then hit lucky as right next to one of the roosting Chalkhill Blues I had spotted was what I assumed to be a newly emerged Silver-spotted Skipper climbing up a blade of grass. It was a bit of a panic photographing it as the rain had started and was getting heavier all the time. Despite the weather I ended up having a fabulous afternoon and having to wear the rain jacket!!

Silver-spotted Skipper.

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  1. Esta mariposa es abundante en mi tierra y me encanta. Las fotos son preciosas. Saludos.