Sunday, 9 April 2017

A Memorable Week.

It certainly has been a good week with the Blue Rock Thrush being the main highlight. It was certainly a shame that Matt missed this epic bird by a day. Last weekend a visit to the patch brought me a superb young Marbled White larva. I occasionally see these during my Wall Brown larva hunts, although last year I failed to find any. I also found one of the micro moths Agonopterix pallorella that once again I see occasionally. This one in the cooler conditions posed well for once.

Marbled White larva.

Agonopterix pallorella.

A great day out on Wednesday with Nigel with several Speckled Wood showing well. There were also several Orange-tip but as usual in the warm conditions they did not hang around. We also saw a Small Tortoiseshell egg laying. Many of the Spring flowers seem to be very abundant this year including Greater Stitchwort, one of my favourite woodland flowers.

Male Speckled Wood.

Greater Stitchwort.

Speckled Wood, a different view.

Today I was once again back on the patch with lots of Pyrausta ostrinalis showing. I also had my first Grizzled Skippers of the year with 2 found. The Speckled Wood numbers have also increased dramatically. Sitting in the garden this afternoon with the family I thought I would get the Emperor Moth pheromone out as Matt had never had a clear view of one of these moths. I was amazed yet again as we attracted at least 5 male Emperors and possibly more. From these I managed my finest shot yet of one of these beauties. We also had a pair of Sparrowhawks displaying above us, fantastic to watch these 2 birds.

Pyrausta ostrinalis.

Speckled Wood.

The spectacular male Emperor Moth.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely photos. Exquisitely presenting species.