Wednesday 15 March 2017

Lepidoptera Day.

With the first decent Wednesday for some time it was good to meet up again with Nigel for a day hunting butterflies and moths. With it being so warm there was plenty of butterflies about with possibly 20 plus Comma, as many Brimstone, a couple of Red Admiral, several Peacock and a single Small Tortoiseshell. I was also hoping to see the Orange-underwing Moth, a Spring woodland moth. These moths are quite scarce and are normally only seen flying high up near the tops of the trees. We saw 10 of these moths and even had 2 of them on the ground where the males pick up salts, acting very similar to the Purple Emperor. Nigel was on site just before me and in that short time he had found a Purple Hairstreak ova amongst Oak buds.



Purple Hairstreak ova, looking like a small sea urchin.


  1. Hi. Butterflies are beautiful. I like it very much.

  2. WOW, amazing images Bob, and that egg is spectacular. Looking forward to the end of the month ;-)

    We've also seen a few species of butterfly out and about lately