Saturday 4 March 2017

Back Local.

Following the excitement of the fabulous Bluethroat it was back to local offerings with a trip to Tide Mills and the East Pier for a check out of the Purple Sandpipers yesterday. Around a dozen were seen with 5 sitting on the top and the remainder on the struts of the pier. 5 Turnstone were also sitting up top with the Sandpipers. At Tide Mills a very brief look for the Serin was negative but there were several Stonechat showing.

Purple Sandpiper keeping a sneaky eye on me!!

Turnstone doing the same!!

Purple Sandpiper jumping for joy!!

Female Stonechat.

With a mild morning today a check out on the Wall Brown larva proved successful with 10 found in the grass tussocks. An amazing variety of size with the largest being at least 5 times larger than the smallest. This is not too surprising as the butterfly emerges over a long period of 7 or 8 weeks in the 1st brood. The largest larva was not that far now from being fully grown.

Near fully grown Wall Brown larva resting following feed, note the eaten grass top.


  1. Absolutely awesome photos. I like a lot.

  2. Hallo Bob,
    erstklassige Aufnahmen, sehen sehr schön aus
    Grüsse Frank