Sunday 22 January 2017

Lewes Waxwings.

For those living a little further North have had a superb Waxwing winter. For us in the South though we are only just getting these iconic winter visitors and I was beginning to think I was going to be out of luck. I was planning to help with some conservation work today but I had a call from Matt telling me that Simon Linington had found 9 Waxwing in Lewes, strangely in exactly the same site as they were 4 years ago!! I quickly got ready and drove the 10 miles to Lewes where they had been feeding just 2 minutes before I got there!! Fortunately it was only a few minutes before they flew back in and sat in the tops of some tall Poplar. Shortly they descended to feed on berries in the hedgerow, although as they were now by the road they kept getting disturbed by buses and cars that drove past. It wasn't long each time though before they came back down. I believe the last time I saw Waxwings were here that time 4 years ago and it really was a special morning seeing them pretty close. Suddenly at a little after 11am they flew off and didn't return. I certainly hope for a few more encounters before they all head back to Scandinavia.


Waxwing with berries.

Waxwing, a very special bird.


  1. Love these colourful birds,you have captured these in good light,which really show off their plumage.
    Superb tick and shots.

  2. Lovely shots Bob. Still waiting for some to come to my part of Kent.

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  5. Hi. Waxwing is beautiful bird. Awesome photos.