Saturday 26 November 2016

West Rise.

With very little happening over the last few days due possibly to the high winds I have had 3 visits to West Rise at Eastbourne where a smart Slavonian Grebe and Long-tailed Duck have been. On my first visit I was unaware that the Grebe was there and I didn't spend as much time as I should have done as it was quite approachable. I spent most of my time trying to get an image of the duck, which stayed well out of reach most of the time. During the 3 visits though, the 2nd visit mainly, I had some wonderful views of Bearded Tit. At one time I had a male and female together, although the windy conditions made it impossible for a photograph. Today the Grebe had moved on it seems and the Bearded Tits didn't show at all, however, the duck was slightly closer than it had been on earlier days, although not as close as the Rye bird from 3 years ago. The light had also gone downhill by that time with heavy cloud rolling in.

Long-tailed Duck from Rye, October 2013.

Long-tailed Duck, Eastbourne.

Mute Swan.

Reed Bunting feeding on the Reed. (If only it had been a Bearded Tit)!!


  1. Lovely post Bob,love the Long-Tailed Duck,stunning shots.

  2. Hi. It was a pleasure to watch these magnificent birds. Awesome photos.

  3. Lovely post with a duck I discover here, the Long-tailed Duck!
    Lovely Reed bunting, yes... a Bearded tit would have been more exiting... maybe next time!