Friday 14 October 2016

Wonder of the day.

Since I started doing the odd bit of moth trapping I have always wanted to catch a Merveille du jour, a particularly pretty moth and not a rare one either. Unfortunately so far, I haven't managed to get any here. However, when I rang Nigel on Wednesday to plan a stroll somewhere he told me he had a couple that he had caught overnight. With this in mind we decided to meet at his place and go from there. Many of our moths have attractive and imaginative names, and the name of this beautiful moth translates to 'Wonder of the day'. It was a real treat to see this, my first encounter, and it really does live up to its name. When at rest on lichen they are almost invisible!!

Merveille du jour.

2 Merveille du jour.

Following this we went for a stroll around the Pevensey Levels where we saw a Ring Ouzel and a few Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers. I also spotted a Knot Grass larva walking across the path, presumably heading off to pupate.

Knot Grass larva.

Yesterday I returned again to Tide Mills where I found 3 Clouded Yellow at roost as well as another 2 just about flying in the cool breeze. 3 Wheatear were also showing well, feeding up before the long flight South.

Clouded Yellow.



  1. Lovely collection of shots...never seen one of those beautiful moths though

  2. Hello. Really beautiful moths. It would be nice to see sometimes.