Friday 21 October 2016

Eurasian Jay.

Earlier in the year I was lucky to get an invite from my good friend Phil Winter to photograph Kingfishers and Little Owls from his hides. On Tuesday this week I had to call on him to pay for a camera I have just bought from him and whilst I was there he suggested visiting a hide he had recently put up to photograph Jays. Of course I jumped at the chance and it wasn't long before I was sitting in the hide as Phil went to park the Land Rover before coming back to join me. Even before Phil got back a Jay had called in and taken a couple of Acorns. From then on we had around 10 more visits before we decided that I should have a worthwhile shot or 2. Once again all this was possible due to the hard work and patience that Phil has used to know where to build the hide. A few of the shots follows of the Jay. 


Much too beautiful to be a member of the Crow family!!

Whilst I have been experimenting with a couple of cameras trying to decide which to get I borrowed for just a couple of shots of a Wryneck. Unfortunately the software on the computer wasn't compatible for some reason. I have now however managed to get those shots sorted so the following Wryneck is from several weeks ago!!



  1. Hi. Great photos. Jay is a really beautiful bird. I have twice seen Wryneck but I did not get a photo.

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  3. Hello Bob
    It is not easy to get the jay so close to the lens, you have solved this perfectly, here in Germany it is also called the alarm system in the forest, as soon as he is scared, he shouts and the other animals know what's going on and hit From ... then it was with the photograph :-)
    Great series
    Greetings Frank