Tuesday 26 July 2016

Silver-spotted Skippers.

Since finding the first Sussex Silver-spotted Skipper on the patch just over a week ago numbers have been building up nicely of this delightful little beauty. I have been out a few times trying to capture some photos of them. I have had mixed success over the years with some individuals quite happy to have their picture taken. Most though act like an exocet missile flying off so fast that only a younger eyesight would stand a chance of seeing where it went. However, after time spent amongst them I have now managed to get a few shots of them. 

Female Silver-spotted Skipper on Lesser Hawkbit.

Male Silver-spotted Skipper.

Male Silver-spotted Skipper.

Whilst hunting these little gems I have managed to find 3 more Small Coppers nearby. 2 were next to each other with another seen nearby. My year count of these tripled in just 2 days!!

Male Small Copper on Agrimony.

I was also lucky to spot a pair of Thyme Plume Moths mating recently. This is a rare moth in Sussex, although it can be quite numerous in an area of the patch. It is one of the very small Plumes.

Mating Thyme Plume Moths.

I also came across a mating pair of Chalkhill Blues yesterday whilst I was looking for the Skippers. With the sun out the male was multi-tasking by trying to sun himself whilst keeping his lady satisfied!!

Mating Chalkhill Blues.


  1. Hello. True stunning photography. Beautiful butterflies.

  2. Your images of butterflies are as beautiful as ever. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. A very photogenic butterfly. Excellent shots as ever Bob.

  4. Awesome work Bob, are there any butterflies you don't get on your patch?! :)