Friday 22 July 2016

A Surprise Dragonfly in the Woods.

A great walk in the local woodland with Nigel started with a few heavy spots of rain. However, it wasn't long before it warmed up again and the insects came out in good numbers. Red Admirals are one of those butterflies that can fly in poorer conditions so it wasn't a surprise to see some flying early on. Several fresh Brimstone were also on the wing and one male decided to hide under a leaf showing how well their camouflage works. A big surprise was a superb Golden-ringed Dragonfly, a species I hadn't seen here before. After Nigel had left I did one further circuit where I came across a young Common Toad.

Red Admiral.


Brimstone hiding.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly.

Common Toad.


  1. Hello. What a fierce-looking frog. Greetings.

  2. I would never have spotted that brimstone. Such beautiful images.

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