Saturday 18 June 2016

Marbled White!! Summer Must Be Here.

Yesterday was possibly the wettest June day I have ever seen with torrential rain for what seemed ages and the garden became a little flooded!! Today, with plenty of cloud cover still but being warm I just had to get out for a while so a quick visit to the local area. The first butterfly I saw was a splendid Marbled White. The first one of these each year is very special as it really does signify Summer!! When fresh they also look stunning as they fly through the long grasses. The first one landed and posed flat out on a bit of bramble. I then wandered further and saw another 5 or 6 including one that had almost certainly emerged this morning. It looked as though it may have had a little trouble getting out of the pupa as it was missing part of its antennae which was a shame for it as well as for me as I thought I had some reasonable photos of the perfect specimen!!

Male Marbled White on Bramble.

Marbled White on Thistle.

Marbled White peeking at me through the grass.

Marbled White with damaged Antannae.

With the Marbled White now on the wing all we need is lots of sunshine!!


  1. Super shots Bob. The background sets it off really well.

    1. Thanks Marc. Summer is trying to get here!!

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  3. Hello. What a beauties. Great photos.

  4. Beautiful butterflies !!
    Fantastic shots !!
    Happy Sunday !