Friday 6 May 2016

Pomarine Skuas and Pearls.

This morning I joined Matt and a few other enthusiasts looking at the seabirds migrating along the channel at Splash Point, Seaford. The wind is perfect for the spectacle that is the Pomarine Skua season. I was only able to stay for an hour or so but in that time 16 of these majestic birds had passed us as they flew to their breeding grounds in Russia and Scandinavia. All were pretty distant but some were near enough to see their stunning tails (spoons).

Following this I went to my patch to see if things are at last warming up butterfly wise. I did at least see a few more Grizzled, Dingy and Green Hairstreaks but numbers were still way behind where they should be. I did see more of the micro moths E. subocellea and P. ostrinalis and managed to improve on my past shots.
Yesterday I did go to listen to more Nightingales and whilst there I found a newly emerged male Pearl-bordered Fritillary that posed nicely on one of the many Bluebells.

Male Pearl-bordered Fritillary on Bluebell.

Dingy Skipper. (Too hot today for it to open its wings fully)!!

Elachista subocellea.

Pyrausta ostrinalis

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  1. Hello. Butterflies are really beautiful. Happy weekend.