Sunday 29 May 2016

Cevennes Orchids.

During our few days in the Cevennes we had 2 very cold and one wet day which meant the butterflies were not the target for those days. Fortunately we had already planned the trip to include Orchids, so they became the targets for those days!! Matt had checked out some sites to explore and as we drove around some other sites were spotted from the car. Several new Orchids for us were seen, although we did fail to connect with the Red Helleborine and the Lady's Slipper. Driving to the sites we also had some good bird sightings including The Griffon Vultures shown in the previous post as well as a flying Stone Curlew. Military Orchids were possibly the most common of the plants seen, a very rare plant in the UK. We also found many Aymonin's Orchid which is unique to the Cevennes, also known as the Yellow-edged Fly Orchid. A really beautiful species.

Elder-flowered Orchid (pale version).

Burnt Orchid.

Military Orchid.

Military Orchid.

Man Orchids. Normal on left and Yellow version on right.

Man Orchid (Yellow version).

Woodcock Orchid. (Note the rain drops, torrential at this point).

Aymonin's Orchid, also known as Yellow-edged Fly Orchid.

Aymonin's Orchid 


  1. Hi. Really beautiful orchids. Happy upcoming week for you.

  2. So wonderful plants, they see we do not often here in Norway.